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Something about Blackjack

Blackjack games have been at the centre of casino entertainment for as long as most people can remember. Now, all the thrills and excitement that were once only available in land-based casinos can all be found online. There are loads of different varieties to suit every kind of player.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games because it holds the best odds for players in casinos, beating the house a massive 49% of the time. This may not seem like a lot, but with seasoned players that bring experience to the table, it becomes the game that players flock to.

dealer shuffling blackjack cards
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How to Win at Blackjack

The standard for all blackjack variations is that you need to get a higher total than the dealer, without going over 21. Blackjack is typically achieved when you are dealt an ace with any picture card (or a 10). The only way that the dealer can win here is by getting blackjack themselves, resulting in a stand off. Remembering that all cards hold their own values (face cards count as 10, and aces are either 1 or 11), getting to 21 could take as little as 2 cards.

There is, of course, blackjack strategy that is argued about at many a blackjack table. Many people think that blackjack is a solo game against the dealer, but most often, the players that play ‘for the table’ are the ones that come out on top. Drawing cards when you think you shouldn’t for the good of the table allows players to enjoy themselves more and has long been thought to be the correct way to play. However, everyone is different, and each to their own. There are many blackjack strategy guides available and it’s invariably up to you to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Differences Between Live Casino and Digital Blackjack

Set your own pace with digital

Get the best odds with live casino

Digital is more budget friendly
Live dealer offers immersive action
Digital has a bigger variety
Both are great for long-term playing

Advantages of Live Casino Blackjack

Having a computer deal your cards to you automatically cannot compare with watching a live croupier flip a winning hand. The suspense, the ambient noise, the pause as the dealer looks at you with a smile… nothing is quite the same as having cards dealt to you in real time by a real person.

People tend to spend a lot of their time getting dressed up to go out to a casino to play table games. This is still very much a part of the thrill of a casino experience, however, not necessarily appealing to everyone. Live blackjack allows you to play from the comfort of your own home, dressed in your own attire – whether it be pyjamas and slippers, or an apron while you cook (only recommended for the most seasoned of multitaskers). Sit back and enjoy.

Especially useful for people that are starting out, this is a big advantage. Learning the ropes of blackjack can be intimidating, and having a friendly dealer there to help is somewhat comforting. Questions like, ‘Should I take a card?’ or ‘Can I split these?’ are easier to ask from behind a camera with no judgement from other players. And for the more experienced players, a simple validation for, ‘I can’t believe how great I’m running!’ goes a long way to keep the entertainment going.

Online casinos have the wonderful capability of running regular bonuses. These can vary from side-bet progressives to casino-specific promotions. There will always be something for everyone to get involved with.

There are many people that prefer the cards in the real world to be the decider on their fate, as opposed to a casino’s random number generator software. As reliable and authentic as this software is, there are many people that prefer to watch the cards being dealt. This option helps those players feel at ease without the scepticism of rigged RNGs.

table of blackjack 3 cards and coins

Common Blackjack Terminology:

  • Blackjack: Any ace paired with a 10, J, Q or K.

  • Stand: Available option when you would like no more cards.

  • Hit or draw: Available option when you would like another card.

  • Split: When two cards of the same value are dealt, you may split the cards, creating two new hands and drawing two new cards to complete them. You will need to match your initial ante for this bet.

  • Double: When you draw a card without the option of a further card. You will need to match your initial ante for this bet.

  • Push or stand off: When the dealer has the same total as you. You will neither win nor lose this hand.

  • Bust: To go over 21.

  • Even money: This option becomes available only when you have blackjack and the dealer opens an ace. This gives you the option of winning the hand 1:1, as opposed to a possible push (should the dealer’s second card be a 10, J, Q or K) where you will win nothing.

  • Insurance: This option becomes available when the dealer shows an ace for themselves. You will have the option to place a bet on insurance which has a payout of 2:1 should the dealer get blackjack.

  • Surrender: The option to surrender your hand, essentially forfeiting half of your bet when you feel like you cannot beat the dealer. This option is not available when the dealer shows an ace.

  • Box: The area in front of you where your bets are placed.

  • Soft hand: Any hand that includes an ace, essentially giving the hand two possible counts.

Fun Blackjack Varieties

pirate 21 slot character

Bonuses on multi-card blackjack combinations.

Multi-hand: up to three boxes

Side bet: Suited Match. If any of your first two cards match the dealer’s up card.

blackjack double exposure image

Both dealer cards are exposed on initial deal

Multi-hand: up to four boxes

Side bet: Perfect Pair and 21+3. Any pair on your first two cards pays for perfect pairs. Bonuses on combinations with your first two cards + dealer’s first card.

blackjack switch slot game

Regular blackjack

Single-hand only

Side bet: Opportunity to switch dealt cards between two hands.

pontoon slot image

Blackjack with a twist. All 5 card tricks pay out 2:1

Multi-hand: up to three boxes

Side bet: Sweet sixteen. Bonus triggers with any ace, any first two cards over 15, and any pair below 7.